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#199 Ink

Noris #199 Ink

#199 is fast drying and resistant to rubbing and is great for marking most non-porous surfaces like metal, hard plastics, electronics, glossy paper, and more.

  • Dry Time:  approx 60 seconds 
  • Surfaces:  Works well on most non-porous surfaces including
    • Metals  
    • Hard Plastics
    • Conditionally suited for Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP)  (Testing Recommended)
    • Specialty & Coated/Glossy Paper
    • Painted Surfaces
    • Photographs
    • Stone
  • Recommended Ink Pads Uni-pad III, Mark II Pad, Metal Case Pad, Heavy Duty Pads
    Note: non-porous inks that dry fast on your parts tend also to dry st in an ink pad, so expect to re-ink more often when using them. Special pads like the UniPad III and Mark II Pad are designed to help with this issue.
  • Available Colors:  Black, Red, Blue, White, Yellow, GreenCleaner/Thinner/Reactivator. Also available: #199UV Invisible Ink for non-porous surfaces.
  • SDS & Compliance Information:  find on norisusa.com
  • Shipping:  Please choose FedEx Ground at checkout. If you choose a different method we will contact you regarding a change in shipping method and shipping charges may differ. 


Looking for more inks and ink info? Need help finding an ink? Visit NorisUSA.com or call us at 1-800-473-4039.