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Product Guide


  Band Stamps
Band stamps are commonly used for single lines of changeable information. The impression is changed by moving the band position to print a different character or date. Our Indiana Stamp division carries a very large selection of band stamp daters, numberers, and alphabet stamps. They also make custom bands if your application requires it. For multiple lines of text, large characters, text with many characters, and some other applications, RIBtype may be the best or only option to produce the result you desire. 
  Base Sheet
Ribbed base sheet is the material adhered to coding and marking machines, hand stamps, and other devices to hold RIBtype rubber type.

Custom RIBtype
Most any text or design can be made into RIBtype rubber printing type. Individual characters, words, phrases as well as multiple lines of text, artwork, company logos, or a combination of these things can all be made to meet your marking needs. Mirror-image, vertical rib, and reverse image type can also be made.

  Date Sets
Date code sets are used for marking dates or date messages. Complete date sets include months, dates, and years. 366-pc Date Code Sets include a single code for each day of the year for quick changes with less possibility of error. Custom date sets can be made to suit your needs.
  Deep Relief
Deep relief RIBtype is thicker overall than standard type, and the characters themselves are deeper from the face to the base.  It is often used to prevent the background from printing on uneven surfaces and because ink builds up less rapidly inside the characters.
  Type Sets or Fonts
RIBtype Type Sets, also called Fonts, are used for creating your own messages character-by-character. Letter/number sets and numbers-only sets are available in sizes 1/16" to 2".
  Hand Stamps with RIBtype
Traditional hand-held stamps are fitted with RIBtype base that is used to hold RIBtype rubber type. Wood mounts and durable plastic mounts are available. A seperate ink pad is used with these stamps. For very small mounts, peg stamps are recommended.
Ink is used to mark the impression onto your item. Which ink you use is determined by many factors including the material you are marking, dry time required, and what device you are using to make your mark. We offer a complete line of inks for office, industrial, and lumber marking.
  Ink Pads / Stamp Pads
Ink pads, often called stamp pads, are required when using non-self-inking stamps. The ink and application often determine which type of pad you need: plastic, heavy duty plastic, metal case, etc.
Logos are custom 1-line pieces of RIBtype rubber type. For words and phrases that do not change, logos are quicker to change and offer superior impressions because of uniform type wear.
Mats are custom pieces of RIBtype rubber type. Multi-line text, artwork, symbols, and combinations of these things are made into a single RIBtype mat. Mats can also be made with notches or cutouts to allow for changing text in certain areas on the mat.
  Mirror Image
Mirror image type is used in offset equipment when the type does not print directly onto the object; it is also used when printing on the inside of clear packaging. Mirror-image can be read on the rubber itself, but when an impression is made it appears "mirror image."
  Office Kits
RIBtype office kits include everything you need to make your own stamp in emergencies or when changeable copy is required. Each set includes a RIBtype letter/number set, a mount to hold up to three lines of text, a set of tweezers, and a black stamp pad for printing on porous surfaces.
  Peg Stamps with RIBtype
Peg stamps with RIBbase are small hand-held stamps used for making small impressions and/ fitting into very small areas for marking. The mount itself is is about 2-1/2" in length, doubling as a handle.
  Replacement Ink Pads
Replacement ink pads are used in self-inking stamps when old pads have worn out.
  Roll Printers
Roll printers are hand-held, self-inking marking devices that utilize a wheel fitted with RIBtype base to roll messages onto the item you are marking. These are especially efficient when printing larger impressions on cartons, kraft bags, pallets, etc.
  Rocker Mounts with RIBtype
Wood and aluminum rocker mounts have a curved stamp face allowing more even pressure distribution when making large impressions or printing on uneven or curved surfaces. Rockers may also offer ergonomic advantages in some applications.
  Rubber Types
RIBtype can be made in natural rubber, buna, neoprene, PVC, EPDM, and silicone materials to accommodate a wide variety of inks, applications, environments, and regulations.
Heavy-duty metal self-inking stamps are fitted with RIBtype base so that no separate ink pad is needed when making your impressions. Self-inkers are most successfully used on flat, porous surfaces such as cardboard, paper, etc.
  Vertical-Rib Type
Normally, RIBtype is made with the ribs on the back running horizontally (left to right) as you read the text. Vertical-rib RIBtype is made with the ribs running at right angles (top to bottom) to the text appearing on the face of the type. Vertical-rib type is sometimes referred to as "reverse tie knot."