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What is RIBtype?

RIBtype® is an interchangeable rubber stamp system of ribbed-back type for printing dates, codes, and other information that changes frequently.

Like a tongue and groove system, "ribs" on the back of the type interlock with ribs on a stamping device so you can create your own message and change them as needed. Perfect for lot numbers, part marking, date codes, etc. You can see demo videos here.

RIBtype sets of letters and numbers are readily available in sizes from 1/16" to 2" character heights, and we can manufacture custom pieces of artwork, words/phrases, complex mats, and more. It makes RIBtype a versatile and economic solution to your printing needs.

In Stock for Quick Shipping
RIBtype is readily available in type sets, also called fonts, in many sizes and styles ranging from 1/16" to 2". Fonts allow users to compose their own messages. A variety of date sets are also available at economic prices.

Made-to-Order RIBtype
We can make most things into RIBtype -- custom letters, text, phrases, artwork, multi-line imprints, etc. Using custom RIBtype can save labor costs, reduce human error, and make superior imprints. Most custom type ships after two business days.

Printing Methods

  • Hand Stamps
  • Metal Self-Inkers
  • Rocker Mounts
  • Roll Printers
  • Automatic Printers such as roll coders and reciprocating coders


RIBtype is used in such a variety of ways that it is impossible to list them all. Some common uses include:
  • Date codes
  • Model numbers and Lot numbers
  • Plant identification
  • Large date coding
  • Lumber marking
  • Personalized products
  • Embossing into pottery, jewelry and other crafts
  • And more!