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Custom Type

One of the greatest things about RIBtype is its versatility: most anything can be made into RIBtype and can be changed as needed. Fonts with individual characters can be used to create messages character by character. If some of your text is permanent and only some needs to be interchangeable, logos and mats can help make your marking more efficient and result in superior impressions.

Custom fonts, sorts, logos, mats and more can be made to suit your needs. From part and model numbers to company art to custom fonts in different type styles and/or sizes, we can help you create the impressions you are looking for.

Sorts  Order Sorts Online!
A sort is a single letter, number or keyboard symbol used to create words, codes, dates, and messages. The number "2" and the letter "A" are samples of sorts.

Now order sorts online! Simply choose your style/size, and then choose the "Individual Characters" link from the list. You can order individual characters in any quantities.

A logo is a single line of text on one piece of rubber, such as "JAN", "SELL BY" or "12657PJP231".

A mat is a single piece of rubber with either multiple lines of text on it, symbols, artwork, a combination of text and art, or even solid printing lines, dots, or other shapes. Mats are the best choice when blocks of information do not change.

Mats with Cutouts / Notches
Mats with cutouts and/or notches work very well when a part of your impression is permanent and only a portion needs to be interchangeable. A notch or cutout exposes the ribs for holding the changeable text.

Mirror Image Type is primarily used in offset equipment when type does not print directly on the object or when printing on the inside of clear packaging. The imprint is a "mirror" image of normal text.

Sometimes referred to as "reverse tie knot", the ribs on the back of the vertical-rib type run at right angles (top to bottom) to the text on the face of the type. Unless vertical-rib is requested, all RIBtype is made with horizontal ribs, running in the same direction as text on the face of the type.

Deep Relief
Deep relief type is deeper from the face to the base of the character. It is often used to prevent the background from printing on uneven surfaces and because ink builds up less rapidly inside the characters. Sometimes it is also used for embossing impressions into material such as clay. See specs here.

Custom Fonts
Many type styles can be made into RIBtype with the exception of script fonts. Custom type styles, sizes, and/or font contents can be made to your specific needs. Please contact us for a quote with details about your project.