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RIBtype Specs

RIBtype® rubber type is made of premium quality rubber or synthetic materials according to your requirements. Type is manufactured to a thickness of .210", +/- .003", the most exacting tolerances in the industry...guaranteed. This ensures uniform type thicknesses for the best impressions. The alignment of our type meets the same exacting tolerances. The "ribs" on RIBtype are symmetrical and perfectly match to the ribs on RIBtype® base sheets. This precision fit helps ensure that type seats uniformly and stays in place during printing. RIBtype is proudly made in the USA.


RIBtype Standard Specifications
Unless otherwise specified, all RIBtype fonts, sorts, logos, and mats are made with U.S. Standard specifications as shown below.

Deep Relief type is thicker overall, and the characters are deeper from the face to the base of the character. It is sometimes used to prevent the background from printing on uneven surfaces and because ink builds up less rapidly inside the characters.


Quality Guarantee
RIBtype ribbed rubber type is precision manufactured to a nominal thickness of .210" (+/- .003"). We guarantee it! We also guarantee the alignment of our type will meet the same exacting tolerances. For best results, replace worn type or other brands whose thickness and tolerance may vary. For best holding power and a perfect fit, use precision molded RIBtype® rib-base sheets.