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RIBtype Base Sheet - 14" X 18" Buna Rubber

RIBtype Base Sheet - 14" X 18" Buna Rubber

SKU: 70355
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RIBtype Base Sheet
Buna Rubber - 14" X 18"

  • Ribs run horizontal along the 18" length
  • Buna rubber is good for applications where rubber will come into contact with oils or acids
  • Standard .155" thickness
  • Compatible with all styles and sizes of U.S. Standard RIBtype
  • Used to make RIBtype handle stamps, coder rings and other RIBtype marking devices

Most people find it best to order pre-made RIBtype handle stamps, rocker stamps, coders rings, and other marking devices. We have perfected the manufacturing process and  can make them in most any size to meet your specs and application needs. If you are not sure what size you need or if you do not see it listed, please contact us for a quote.